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Got a question, comment, or just want to give feedback? Drop us a line. We'll get back to you as soon as we can - usuallly within 24 hours. Always happy to hear from readers, promoters, historians and journalists! 

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  • "What is Alliance GOLD?"
    In March of 2020, NWA fan Tim Wood noticed that while there were stories, photos, snippets and title histories of NWA belts in various places online, no one had them all together in one place. Riding on the wave of excitement that "NWA Powerrr" and Lightning One had brought back to the wrestling scene, he decided he'd take on the Herculean task of gathering all the histories, fun facts, and photographs of every single title ever recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance. And while it's a labour-intensive task that's necessarily slow-going for accuracy, he loves doing it: first as "NWA GOLD", and now as Alliance GOLD since 2023. Alliance GOLD isn't affiliated with the National Wrestling Alliance, but by attempting to work with former NWA territory promoters, historians, fans, talent and staff to get every bit of information we can, Tim hopes to periodically present to you an accurate - and wherever possible, infallible - picture of your favourite championships. We also give credit for photos, stories and help wherever possible. While Alliance GOLD is incredibly active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (all @TheAllianceGOLD), was designed as a depository for the belt biographies.
  • "Why only NWA titles? Why not other promotions?"
    It's really about history. The National Wrestling Alliance has been in existence since 1948, with history tied to it stretching back long before that. The promotions of today all spring from it in at least some small way, as it precedes them with an enduring legacy of tradition that cannot be surpassed. In its time, the NWA territories and promotions probably boast around five hundred wrestling championships, and with all the memories they've left in us, they deserve to have their memories and histories captured in turn.
  • "Can I send you pictures, or make suggestions for belts to cover?"
    Please do! We get lots of submissions, and we're happy to share your photos and give you credit. We learn from you, too - you who were at the title changes, lived in the territories, got the belts, met the stars. You're not only the people we do this for, you're the people who help get this done. While photos of the legit belts are always preferred, we will sometimes use photos of replicas to give you the idea of what the belt looks like in the absence of pictures used with consent. There's no comparison in quality, though, so send us your legit stuff over your bootlegs as often as you can.
  • "Who's behind the belts?"
    Tim Wood is the guy who had the insane idea to cataloguing independent biographies of every NWA belt ever made, and has set about collecting all the information he could. When he drifted away from wrestling for awhile, the return of William Patrick Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance through "NWA Powerrr" re-ignited his interest in the company and the sport and drove his love of wrestling championship history to an obsessive level. Tim is Canadian, has enough kids to fill out a War Games: The Match Beyond team, and doesn't think any pro wrestling is as good as what the NWA has provided since 1948.
  • "Can I join the Alliance GOLD staff, or help in some way?"
    Can you help? Yes! We could use your help in getting us in touch with promoters, staff and talent from the NWA territory and licensee eras, and we're always happy to talk to historians about details on some titles we're working on. Fan suggestions on what belts to address in the future are welcome, as are fun facts and unique pictures you may have that aren't seen elsewhere. You're integral to our enterprise. Want to join up? We're obsessive about the approach to detail, the need for exceptional writing ability, and the level of accuracy we demand to share the load. If that sounds like you, drop us a line and we'll talk.
  • "Do you have any partners you work with, or sources you trust?"
    Yes! We are proud partners with Alliance Wrestling, which has been bringing you all the latest information on the National Wrestling Alliance for years and is one of the most established wrestling news sites active today. You can find our stuff and theirs at Jay-Cal is the man to beat when it comes to all your NWA and UWN news and interviews. and we're so proud to be part of the Alliance team. As for sources, you can't beat the work of The Great Hisa at Wrestling Title Histories at They do the work, the research, the fact-finding that we love, and buddy, you can't trust Wikipedia. Give them a look because they're amazing. While we aren't official partners, NWA GOLD considers them the highest scholars of title histories.
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